Call for Papers – Issue Number 3

The Indian River Review is currently soliciting submissions for its third issue scheduled for publication in late spring/summer 2014. The theme for this issue is “Technology,” and we plan to take a very broad view of this theme. As man moved from an oral to a literate culture, technology has affected the way we communicate and live. At one time, even the simple number 2 pencil was a technological advancement. From quills to computers, from knitting needles to the Mars Rover, technology comes in many forms, and we would like to explore this concept in our third issue.

The deadline for submissions is January 15, 2014. Genres include short fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, critical essays, black and white photography, and book reviews. Please do not send explicit content. See formatting and submission instructions below.

All work is peer reviewed. The journal accepts only electronic submission, no hard copies. Please inform us if you are sending simultaneous submissions, and follow the requirements listed below for all submissions:

  • Text files must be sent as .doc, .docx, or .rtf email attachments.
  • Photography files must be sent as .tiff or .jpg email attachments.
  • Send short fiction attachments to
  • Send poetry attachments to
  • Send creative non-fiction and photography attachments to
  • Send critical essays and book review attachments to
  • Text-based submissions must use 12 point font and correct MLA format.
  • Short fiction, creative non-fiction, and critical essays are limited to 4,000 words.
  • Book reviews are limited to 1,000 words.
  • In your email, make sure to include your full name, phone number, address, institutional affiliation (if you have one), and the title(s) of the work you submit.
  • In your email, include a 50 to 100 word author biographical paragraph.
  • Send no more than 5 submissions for poetry.
  • Send no more than 10 submissions for photographic pieces.

Please make sure to spend time proofing and editing your text submissions before sending them. Authors may even want to consider asking a friend to read the work first to help make sure an error free submission is sent. Submissions with incorrect grammar or misspellings may be automatically excluded from the review process. Those submissions that are accepted must be open to receiving minor editorial corrections. Photographs received may require slight alterations, such as sizing, to accommodate formatting requirements. Payment upon publication will include one copy of The Indian River Review.


11 thoughts on “Call for Papers – Issue Number 3

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    • Thanks very much, Tammy. I tried sending my submission again to both of you and received the following error message: “5.1.0 – Unknown address error 550-‘Blocked’ Under the circumstances, would you permit a submission via snail mail or is there another e-mail address not affiliated with the college? (This happened to me once before when I tried submitting to a college in Long Island, NY and my e-mails were automatically bounced.)

    • Thank you, Tammy. I’m still unable to send my work at your address, getting notice that it is blocked. Besides your address, I had failed attempts at sending to hraulers and ariddles

      • I want to add that I have no problems sending emails besides these at irsc. My message is blocked because of a potential security issue.

  3. Tammy, thank you for your help. I have solved the mystery, that of sending my short bio from Pages, my online writing site. Exporting it to dropbox and sending from there worked.

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