New Publication Date

In order to accommodate some administrative issues, the staff of The Indian River Review is announcing a change to the journal’s annual publication date. Originally, we have been publishing annual issues during fall semesters. Starting with issue 3, we will start publishing the journal during spring semesters. As a result, issue 3 is scheduled for publication during spring 2015.

If any current or future contributors have any questions, feel free to contact the journal’s staff for clarification.


2 thoughts on “New Publication Date

  1. Dear editors of the Indian River Review,

    the new publication date for for the Indian River Review probably means that the old deadline (January 15, 2014) is no longer relevant?

    Best wishes and a Happy New Year,

    Alex Dreppec

  2. Hi Alex – The deadline is the same. It would require a novel-length explanation to explain all the details of the publication date changing, so the short version is that publishing in the spring works better for everyone involved on our end.

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