Call for B&W Photos

We have wrapped up reviewing initial writing selections for issue 4 of The Indian River Review. This means one more step in the review process before we can start putting it all together. We had a massive amount of writing submissions this time, but sadly, we did not get many photo submissions. Photographs really make the layout and look of the journal come together, so we are putting out another call for black and white photography. Right now, there is no specific deadline.

The theme for issue 4 is “knowledge.” You can read more about the theme from the original call for papers, but as with writing submissions, the editors use a broad view of any theme for the journal.

Feel free to share this on various social media. Submissions should be in .jpg or .tiff format and sent as attachments to


2 thoughts on “Call for B&W Photos

  1. Tammy, I tried sending photos but they got rejected as “Don’t recognize sender IP address.” Can you adjust your spam filters or have me send to a different address?

    thanks, Tom.

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